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Classic Car Insurance - Proven Ways to Reduce Your Rates!

Classic car insurance is different from normal car insurance as it has many benefits. However, you might find the cost of insuring your classic car can be very high as well. There are several ways on how to reduce your rates and still get enough protection for your car and yourself.

First of all, classic car insurance has 'no claims bonus' clause. This means that your premium would not be affected by some occasional claims. However, this doesn't mean that you can claim as much as you like. You should still maintain a good driving record by driving carefully all the time. It is not a secret that insurance companies give high rates to high risk drivers.

Next, try to keep your classic car in a safe place to avoid it being stolen or damaged. Classic cars are usually very valuable due to their rarity and they are very prone to theft and vandalism. If you have a garage in your home to park your car, you will have very high possibility to get lower rates for your classic car insurance.

If you are searching for cheap classic car insurance, the companies normally require you to have another car which you use for your daily commuting. This other car should not fall in the category of classic cars. This is because classic cars are usually limited by the policy for pleasure use only. They might also be imposed with certain mileage limit. This means that you can only use the classic car up to a specific mileage a year. If you drive more than the specific mileage, you might be offered higher rates.

Classic cars are getting rare nowadays as they have been replaced by modern cars with better speed and performance. However, there are still people who enjoy using classic cars as their mode of transportation or keeping them as collectibles. No matter what is the reason these people are still keeping their classic cars, they should always protect them with sufficient amount of insurance coverage.

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Classic Car Insurance - What You Need to Know About It!

Although most people are treating their classic car as collectibles, it is still important for them to get a classic car insurance to protect the car. This is because there are still chances that it might get damaged although it is very seldom driven on roads. It is very important for the car owners to choose the best classic car insurance for their cars as different classic cars have different needs.

Classic car insurance is different from regular car insurance in terms of value paid for the car in the event of any total loss situation. Regular car insurance pays the car owner the actual cash value or the standard value to the car owner when he or she makes any claims. This means that insurance company would pay the depreciated value of the car or the payment up to a particular amount. On the other hand, insurance company would pay a classic car insurance holder the pre-agreed value of the car when there are any claims filed.

The classic car insurance offered is for the value of the car if the owner never drives the car. For this to work, the owner needs to get the car appraised and submit it to the insurance company at the time he or she purchases the policy. However, insurance company usually pays the claim if the car is not attended by its owner. This claim however, depends on the owner on whether he or she has fulfilled all the requirements set by the company.

It is compulsory for an owner to keep the classic in garage when it is being driven to ensure its safety and security. The driver also needs to have a good driving record for at least the past ten years. Besides that, the classic car must be at least fifteen years old to be eligible for this classic car insurance plan.

Since classic cars are usually valuable, it is advisable for the owners to conduct some research on the classic car insurance policies before deciding to choose which to settle with.

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Classic Car Insurance - Make a Wise Choice For Your Classic Car!

Classic car insurance is important for classic car owners because this type of cars need more attention from the owners compared to regular types of cars. Most of the time, if classic cars are being maintained well by its owners, they can fetch a high price in the market due to their rarity and therefore, their owners have a tendency to make claims even though the damage on the cars are probably just minor ones. Regular car insurance might not be able to protect classic cars to such extend, and therefore there is a need for classic car owners to purchase classic car insurance to protect the cars to the maximum.

There are some special requirements that you need to fulfill before you can purchase classic car insurance for your car. First of all, you need to have a good driving record with at least ten years experience. Usually, teen drivers or drivers with very poor driving record are not allowed to hold a classic car insurance policy. This is because classic cars aren't the safest cars around and the inexperienced and reckless drivers might not be able to handle the valuable cars with sufficient responsibility.

Next, you should also have proof that you have another car for your daily transportation. Most of the time, there will be a limit for your classic car's mileage if you are planning to insure it under classic car insurance. You cannot drive the car very often with the limited mileage. Therefore, you need to have another mode of transportation for your daily commuting before you can take up classic car insurance.

Your car also needs to reach a certain age before it can be classified as a classic car. If it is not old enough, it usually cannot qualify for the insurance. You need to check with your insurance company to determine the age of your car required to get into classic car insurance policy.

Next, you should also get to know the value of your policy. There are three types of value, which are actual cash value, stated value and agreed value. Actual cash value is what you usually get from regular car insurance which is the cost of the car minus depreciation. Stated value is a stated value of the car which the company would pay up to, but may not guarantee to pay the full stated value. The deductible up to $1000 usually applies in this type of valuation. Agreed value is a value agreed upon by you and your insurance company. For this valuation, there is no deductible most of the time.

Purchasing the right classic car insurance for your car is very important so that it can get sufficient protection from the policy in any cases that it got damaged or stolen.

Your opportunity to learn more about classic car insurance has finally arrived! There are still many ways to get cheap classic car insurance. The key point is whether you are committed enough to find out the ways to lower rates. One of the easiest things that you can do is to visit my website. There are many tips and tricks available there for you to get the best deal of cheapest car insurance in town! Get the tips to save more on your car premiums from my site. It is a website specially dedicated to people who are looking for more information about cheap car insurance! Go to the website, read all our recommended tips on how to get the cheapest car insurance and start saving money now!

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Classic Car Insurance - A Guide to the Options Available For Specialist Classic Car Insurance

From a Jaguar to an Austin Healey, from an MG to a Triumph, Britain has some of the most famous names in the history of motoring and it's no surprise that so many us take pleasure in restoring, preserving and driving classic British cars.

The problem many enthusiasts face, however, is that getting behind the wheel of one of these classic vehicles can be costly due to high car insurance premiums. So how can classic car drivers get the right insurance at the right price?

As your classic car is likely to be among your most prized possessions it's recommended to shop around for car insurance to ensure you're getting the best deal. Before you do so, however, you'll need to understand the classifications used to categorise these older vehicles. They are:

- Veterans: vehicles manufactured up to December 1904.

- Edwardian: vehicles manufactured from January 1905-December 1918.

- Vintage: vehicles manufactured between December 1918 and 1933.

- Classics: typically manufactured pre-1974 although there can be exceptions.

- Cherished: collectible or rare cars that are five- to 10 years old.

Usually, when comparing car insurance quotes you are advised to use a broker or comparison website to compare deals from as many as 90 different insurers. However, not all insurers will offer quotes for classic cars, limiting your options. Indeed even those that provide cover may not provide the policy features you expect. As such it's worth considering specialist insurers.

When choosing the right insurer it's important to look at the cover options available as well as any important exclusions. Some of the policy features you may wish to look for include:

- Agreed valuations:

An agreed valuation of your classic car in case it is written-off in an accident or stolen.

- Courtesy cars:

In case your classic car is your main vehicle and you need a replacement while it's off the road.

- Event coverage:

Is your vehicle covered for special events such as hill climbs, rallies and sprints?

- Laid-up insurance:

Cover for your classic car while it is off the road for a prolonged period such as while it is being restored.

While finding the most comprehensive policy for your vehicle can provide vital peace of mind it can also come at a price. Generally speaking, the more cover you obtain the higher your premiums. Accordingly, it's worth looking for ways to save money on classic car insurance. Many insurers offer discounts that can be worth capitalising on, including:

- Car club membership discounts:

Many insurers offer discounts to enthusiasts who are part of a car club

- Limited mileage discounts:

If your classic car is not your main vehicle you may be able to agree to a strict mileage limit.

- No-claims discount:

Based on the number of years you remain claims-free.

There are several additional ways to save on classic car insurance. Here are some tips:

- Improve security:

Fit alarms and immobilisers to your vehicle.

- Increase excess:

Agree a higher voluntary excess.

- Park in a garage:

Parking your vehicle in a garage overnight can reduce your premiums.

- Pay annually:

To avoid monthly interest charges.

The great news is that if you shop online for Classic Car Insurance or Classic Car Parts you can find unbeatable deals at rock bottom prices!

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Is the Recession a Good Time to Start Up a Classic Car Hire Company?

I have been running a classic car hire company in the UK since 1997 and continually receive calls from people asking about setting up a similar company. These reached such a level that I developed and run a 1½ day course telling people how to do this.

Despite the current recession (now official and not just a weirdly named 'credit crunch') people are still asking me the same questions. So is it a good idea to launch a Classic or Sports Car Hire Company in a Recession?

The answer is inevitably both long and complex and it depends on what sort of cars are being considered, the target market and how the business is funded.

Taking these in turn:

Cars being considered

The majority of classic car hire companies have concentrated on classics from the 1960s and 1970s. Anything earlier than that and customers have to cope with non-synchro gearboxes and even cable or rod operated brakes. Classics from the 60s and 70s are a fairly safe bet, easy to drive and easy and relatively cheap to maintain.

Prices of these went crazy at the end of 1980s and early 1990s but then fell when that economic bubble burst and have been fairly sensible ever since. Only a few rare specialist cars (DB5 and DB6 etc ) have seen large increases in price.

Now with the current Recession, the prices are being squeezed a bit and it is actually quite a good time to buy a classic.

There are a few companies adding 'modern classics' - Aston DB7s, Jaguar XK8s etc to their hire fleets. Prices of some of these have fallen more than the older classics, XK8s are surprisingly cheap and DB7s very good value for money. So again now is a good time to buy.

What about Modern Sports cars? There are an increasing number of companies renting out modern high performance or exotic cars but these are a different proposition. These tend to appeal more to the 'boy racer' marketplace than the 'nostalgic' appeal of classics. They are also subject to large chunks of depreciation in the first few years of ownership, so won't hold their value if purchased. Some companies source these on a lease basis where they don't actually take full ownership so theoretically don't bear the depreciation, but then all the lease charges become a cost to the business.

Target marketplace

Whether the cars are classics or modern sports, hire of them is very much a luxury item, whether as a birthday or anniversary present, a treat or for a wedding. As such the market is fairly immune to fluctuations in earnings at the lower end of the market (what used to be called C2 and D). However if your target market was city bankers on large bonuses, a chunk of this market has evaporated.

Funding the business

Along with choice of cars - classic v modern, this is the most crucial aspect of starting a company. If you have your own capital then this is probably a good bet. Interest rates are almost at zero, so the return on leaving money in the back isn't worthwhile. As long as you can pick a set of cars, which will hire out, but whose values aren't decreasing, and aren't likely to decrease over the next year or so, then you should be able to get your investment back if you were to sell up.

Using your own funds also puts you in a a powerful position when buying cars. Some of the dealers are experiencing a downturn and will always be willing to negotiate for ready cash. If you don't have your own capital then you will either be borrowing the capital or arranging some form of lease financing.

Borrowing the money obviously puts you in the position of a cash buyer, but while the cost of many home mortgages has dropped significantly, particularly if based on tracking rates, normal business loans are much more expensive. Although you do end up owning the cars.

Lease financing, if you can get it, goes through the books as a straight cost and you have no equity in the cars at the end of the day. So it all depends on the robustness of your business plan and whether or not you can rent the cars out enough to cover your finance costs and make a profit.


So having picked the right cars, sorted out the financing and you are confident that there is sufficient demand in your target market, what next?

Setting up a business does not happen overnight. Identifying your target market, producing a marketing plan, designing and printing brochures, designing, building ad running a website all take time. In my view to plan and setup a classic or sports car hire properly, takes somewhere between 6 and 12 months, particularly if you have to find the cars in the first place.

So should you launch a classic or sports car hire business at this stage of the current recession, in January 2009? Maybe not.

However if you are thinking about starting up, this is going to take you about a year. During this time you should be able to buy in cars at sensible prices from dealers that need the cash flow, negotiate good prices on design, printing, advertising and websites.

By the time you launch hopefully things will have improved. Not being a crystal ball gazer I can't say for sure that January 2010 will be better than the last few months, but if the recovery actions from all the relevant governments take effect, then hopefully the current recession will ,at worst have bottomed out and at best be on the upward curve.

Some classic and car hire companies have seen a bit of dip during 2008 and this is likely to continue through at least part of 2009. During this period, It is possible that some existing companies may cease trading, leaving the fitter stronger ones to survive, but also leaving a few extra gaps in the market.

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Intrinsic Value of Classic Cars in the US And the Impact of Global Economic Slowdown

The global automotive industry is bracing for hard times. Automakers both in the U.S. and the rest of the globe are facing reduced demand. New car dealers are offering discounts and better deals to attract car buyers while the used car Dealers slash their pricing in tandem with lower price structure for new cars. What are the implications on the classic cars segment?

Generally, we can divide the classic car segment into the Mid-Range and High-End category and it all boils down to affordability. For the mid-range classic car owner, the main hurdle is keeping and maintaining classic cars and they do demand a lot of attention, maintenance costs and a permanent storage space. In recessionary times, do the owners have the holding power to keep their cars? Are they driven by hard times to part with one of their more valuable asset for cash? There are many reasons that a classic will end up in the market whether in good or bad times. We as humans can give all sort of reasons to justify our cause. Let's examine the questions rationally.
The mid-range classic cars are generally a lot more affordable and include brands such as Ford Mustang, Chevrolet Corvette, AMC, Austin and others. Such cars consist of makes that are popular with the masses and are produced in quantities that satisfy demand at the time they were built. As years and decades passes, parts from similar makes and models are cannibalized to keep the existing cars in the market running. The internet has eased the traditional burden of sourcing hard to find spare parts.

High-end classics would be models from automakers like the Aston Martin, Bentley, BMW, Ferrari, Jaguar, Lamborghini, Mercedes-Benz, Maserati and Rolls Royce. Admittedly, there is a potential overlap in the definition of mid and high-end classics when it comes to brands that also produced cars in mass quantities. We will not dwell into the definition of mid and high-end classic here and will leave it at readers' discretion.

It is generally true that high-end cars command better preservation of value in bad times and high appreciation of value in good times. Demands for such cars are not limited to the domestic market since the brands are well-known throughout the world and the presence of such makes and models in many other countries. The global appeal means the market demand is not limited geographically and coupled with very limited availability of each make and model, is the recipe for high capital appreciation for such cars. Secondly, at the time of production, demand for such cars are limited due to a combination of factors such as upper range models, limited production models, limited demand for such models and higher priced models. Fast forward 30 to 50 years later, finding parts becomes a difficult endeavor even on the internet and some sellers are resorting to auctioning of spare parts to the highest bidder. All these factors translate into higher intrinsic value and demand for such cars.

To demonstrate the preservation of value of classic cars, just take a look at the price for classic auctioned as listed by RM Auctions below:

Top 10 World Records for Car Auction

1 1961 Ferrari 250 GT SWB Cal Spyder R M May-08 $10,894,400
2 1931 Bugatti Royale Type 41 Christie's Nov-87 $9,800,000
3 1962 Ferrari 330 TRI/LM R M May-07 $9,281,250
4 1937 Mercedes-Benz 540 K Special Roadster R M Oct -07 $8,252,201
5 1937 Bugatti Type 57SC At alante Coupe Gooding & Co. Aug-08 $7,920,000
6 1929 Mercedes-Benz 38/250 SSK Bonhams Sep-04 $7,443,070
7 1904 Rolls-Royce 10hp Bonhams   Dec-07 $7,254,290
8 1962 Ferrari 250 LM R M May-08 $6,979,000
9 1931 Bugatti Royale Type 41 Kruse Jun-86 $6,500,000
10 1962 Ferrari 330 TRI/LM R M Aug-01 $6,490,000

Although most of us do not own such high value and sought after cars, we do see continuous capital appreciation of our classic as the cars aged gracefully. The mid-range will obviously be affected by the economic situation but for the super-wealthy such as collectors with millions at their disposal, there are not going to dispose their cars during bad times. Losing a few millions of their net worth is not gong to affect them and that explain why high-end classic are rarely affected by the current turmoil. The only effect seen so far is less take up rate for high-end classics and lower closing bid for the mid-range.

In a recent report by BBC News dated Nov 3, 2008 a high profile auction organized by RM Auctions held in London where as much as 30% of the classics were not sold or did not meet the minimum reserve. However, it certainly attract a lot of attention with a 1965 Ferrari LM Berlinetta and a 1959 Ferrari 250 GT Tour de France Berlinetta sold for £2.26 million, and the McLaren F1 made £2.53 million. There are no shortages of Buyers in the market but the timing has to be perfect and the right car has to present itself when the Buyer comes along. When an opportunity present itself, the market for such cars are supported by the unaffected wealthy individuals and they will not think twice about buying such cars as long as it is available in the market for sale and the price is right.

With the global drop in the value of British and U.S. currency, sourcing by classic collectors around the world will fuel demand for such cars further. For those that owned mid-range classics, this is a good time to look for salvage classic cars and parts for restoration works. For the high-end classics, the impact is minimal and any opportunity to acquire at lower prices means adding another works of art to an existing collection.